Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl XLIV

Another year, another superbowl party. YAY!
Go here to read all about last year's party.
I've really been looking forward to this year's party because we invited our Sunday School class and a few other new friends we've made at church. It was our first time to host anything for them at our home. Hopefully they found us hospitable and will be that they know where we live!! :) I've always enjoyed hosting and getting together with friends. It was great also to have our "old" friends and "teens" over too.
Should we break out into chorus?
Make new friends,
but keep the old,
some are silver,
and the others gold!
Okay...on with the party!!

There's no change in the cake...same as always, but you may have a hard time recognizing the house! We've made a lot of changes in the last year {finally! I promise to do a few posts about all the updates soon.}.
It seems I had a little helper that needed to make sure the cake was "just right". I later discovered another "test spot" on the "grass". :)

If you're wondering why the stripes on the football in the very first picture look a little odd it's because I forgot to reserve some white icing and had to compromise. Thankfully I had some white craft foam handy...too bad I forgot to mention it to all of my guests! A few of them mistook it for fondant, but luckily a few of the ladies saved them from their first experience at eating foam. :)

Erin and Trish hard at work in the kitchen!

This is what I had to do to prep for the party...
{oh, plus sweet tea, of course!}

YEP, that's all folks!
The other ladies insisted on splitting up the food, drinks, etc.
so it was the easiest superbowl prep I've ever had. I chose this year to go with pizza instead of chili {and not because I'm selfish and knew I couldn't eat it because of my incessant heartburn, but rather because I'm selfish and knew ordering pizza would keep me off my feet and out of the kitchen!!! hahaha!!}

Mrs. Tamara {SS teacher's wife} and her delicious 7-layer dip...

It's all about the details people!! :) Is she creative or what?!

We ordered ten pizzas, entertained 31 people {I'm including Jonathan!},
and had TWO entire pizzas left over!

When Billy went to pick up the pizzas we were about 30 minutes later than we had expected church to get out so the following convo ensued...
"Ya'll give up on us?"
"Okay, we got our of church a little later than expected."
"Oh, okay."
When they rang up the pizza Billy noticed the screen said "church"...the bill was about $10 less than expected so I guess we got a "church" discount! :)
Jeff and baby Jonathan think Colt's "I'm a mature teenager" look is impressive...
These ladies had the best seat in the house...
at the dessert table!! ;)
{my fave!}

That's our SS teacher, Bro. Steve, in the bib overalls.
He stopped by his house on the way over from church and got in his comfy clothes! ;)

The female in the above picture is Miss Jenn and Raegen tells her constantly, "want to go to your house!" :) I have a feeling it's just a matter of time. She is super sweet and gorgeous...I can see why he wants to hang out with her! :)

At a mere four months old, Jonathan was our youngest little one...
unlike last year when we had TWO very new newborns!

The hubs set up the TV in the playroom to run off the satellite
{isn't he smart!}...
so we were able to watch the game in the living room
the playroom!
However, the kiddos were less interested in the big game and more interested in the PS3! :)

I finally sat down to watch the last five minutes of the game...afterall, it was a Superbowl party! I should at least pretend I'm interested in the game! :)

The game ended, our friends headed out, Raegen went to bed {probably two hours too late! he was so ready for it he practically put himself to bed!!}, the hubs changed clothes, and the "teens" stayed.
I'm so glad they enjoy hanging out at our house and keeping us entertained. In fact, they had me laughing so hard I thought I might go into labor.
I'm not sure what kind of look Colt is going for here, but it's cracking me up...

Despite Christopher being older,
I think these next few pictures reveal who gets picked on the most...

I was begging for a "serious/good" picture and this is what I kept getting...

I would not have posted these, but they literally BEGGED me to!

It's amazing to think Jordon was 11, Christopher was 15,
and Colt was 10 at their first "Ms. Robin's Superbowl Party"....
B and I both feel blessed to have watched them grow to be young men and be a part of their lives. We had a great ending to a wonderful Sunday filled with solid teaching, preaching, and fellowship. What a way to start the week!

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