Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun on the Fourth...and the Third!

We are very fortunate to have such freedom. I wish I were more mindful of the sacrifices that have been and will be made to ensure my freedom. As we all know, "freedom isn't free" and one day of recognition just isn't enough.
We started our Fourth festivities on the third with our church Sunday School class.
We spent the Fourth with them last year as well. In fact, we were still visiting and hadn't officially joined the church just yet. Thus, the lack of pictures taken at last year's Fourth party...I didn't want them to think I was crazy picture taking lady. Nothin' I can do about it now.
Like any good Baptist, we know how to eat!

I'm in love with this drink dispenser. Yes, I already have two, but they're both rather large and only good for LARGE parties. This one is so cute, quaint, and perfect for small get together's. And I've never seen one this shape.
LOVE. it.

I signed up for dessert, this fruit basket explosion...

and an appetizer, this cheese ball {it's only the second time I've made one!}...

And what's a southern party without homemade ice cream?!
so. good.
Erin has the best recipe for chocolate, butterfinger ice cream...
"it takes a half gallon of milk...
and then some..."

The kids had sooo much fun playing ball...

And getting sweaty and dirty!
There was lots of baby lovin' too...
Me and C-baby...

Our SS teacher has just accepted a pastorship and our party served as a farewell and thank you party to him as well.

He's been a wonderful teacher and we're all very excited to see the Lord work in the new church.

Last year at this party I was super duper early in my pregnancy with Lynden and it was an even bigger super duper secret. I was sooo sick and the smell of the shrimp boil about put me over the edge. haha This year, I am thankful to have celebrated the Fourth with my two boys. God is so good to me.

Passing out sparklers...

The trailer is loaded with fireworks and ready to be taken to the field so we can all enjoy the show from a safe distance!!

On Sunday afternoon the guys came over and I helped Taco prepare an apple pie for Sunday night's church fellowship. It was quite festive!

After we got home from church I dressed the boy's for bed, put Lynden down, and

we headed outside for some more sparkle!!

After our mini show we enjoyed our neighbor's fireworks...talk about a show!

I hope they have another next year!!! :)

I'm also hoping to take a few camera classes and learn some things...like how to take good fireworks pictures!! :) I've always loved photography, but I know nothing about it! Hopefully by this time next year I'll have a small clue as to what I'm doing. For some GREAT Fourth pictures, check out this blog. It's a friend I went to school with and his pictures are

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